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Welcome to Frenchly Speaking

Frenchly Speaking offers French lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Amanda Burton, herself fluent in 4 languages, uses a variety of traditional teaching techniques, along with her own innovative approach, to help students realize their dream of speaking French.

Amanda Burton has a passion for languages. She believes language is the key to integration and understanding.

She says: ‘A child learns a language in the purest way by constant repetition, listening and speaking.  The challenge for adults is to stop over-thinking, to let go of their fear and to engage in active conversation, with whatever knowledge of the language they have at that time.

In many aspects of our lives we strive for perfection. My approach to teaching the French language through conversation is meant to be fun – the main aim being to communicate in the language. Let go of not saying it correctly, of making mistakes or not being understood.  Just be in the present, listen and repeat and I can assure you that step by step you will learn how to communicate in French.

It’s a marvellous feeling and once your first steps are taken, you will be ready to run!

Amanda looks forward to sharing her love of “Frenchly Speaking”, guiding you with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.