Caroline -25/10/20 – Small Group – Jan 2018 to present (Advanced)

“ French class is fun, enjoyable and educative. Amanda has a lovely balance between taking the lesson seriously and making sure it is engaging. She corrects our mistakes respectfully and sotto voce and I never feel worried about ‘giving it a go’.  French is spoken throughout the lesson; we are encouraged to think of alternative ways to proceed if we get stuck, Amanda makes sure we are all keeping up and encourages everyone to participate, giving lots of positive feedback.

I was one of the lucky ones to attend Amanda’s French Immersion week in France last year. It was an absolute highlight, planned with care, wonderful preparation and just great fun. Do go if another opportunity arises!”


"RIEN NE SERT DE COURIR; IL FAUT PARTIR À POINT" - Slow and easy, wins the race


The Frenchly Speaking Approach to Learning

Frenchly Speaking uses a conversation approach to learning French, as it is the most natural and effective way to learn a language.  After all, this is how children learn.  They don’t start with reading and writing; they start with speech.  They hear what the adults around them say, and then they repeat it. 

Frenchly Speaking combines traditional teaching techniques with learning methods developed by Amanda Burton herself.  It is conversation, with a few guiding principles to ensure success:

  • Where possible, students avoid translation. The translation process overcomplicates things.  People trip up, trying to reconcile a new word with what they already know in English.  Instead, Frenchly Speaking promotes learning through association.  That is, associating a spoken word or phrase to an image, action or situation.
  • The learning process is personalised as much as possible. Students are provided additional learning aides, such as individual course notes and voice recordings, to ensure they more effectively retain what they have learned. 
  • Students are afforded lots of variety, in terms of learning material and environments. Lessons can be at home, in an office, a café or out on the streets of Melbourne.  What better way to learn a language than through practical examples! Distance is not an issue as lessons via Skype/Zoom are also available.
  • The learning experience is always fun! Learning should never feel like a chore.  The Frenchly Speaking approach is about “la joie de vivre!” 

“Speaking is the key to learning a language.  So it makes sense to learn French through the art of conversation.”  Amanda Burton